Cat Reinheimer

Fashion Designer Annapolis,md/d.c./Va.

Hello! My name is Cat Reinheimer and I am a Fashion Designer from Annapolis Md.
I am currently a featured designer at Vivo! boutique in 6 Fleet st. in Downtown Annapolis. I describe my fashion aesthetic as feminine,chic,structured with a touch of Whimsy. I like to recycle fabrics from thrift store finds, vintage and remnants. I do often use new fabrics but try to only use natural fibers. Avoiding any fabric requiring dry cleaning and I refuse to use leather or fur!
I am inspired by nature,art,color,travel and architecture. Most importantly I am inspired by women. My main objective is to make beautiful clothes for women of all shapes and sizes while staying true to my vision and passion.

Website coming soon! Contact me by
Facebook-Cat Reinheimer or my page Cat Reinheimer Collection




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